Beauty Stem

"Me? A healer?"

First Appearance: One For All
Last Appearance: Journey's End
Age: Second-oldest
Tool: Shine (firefly dust)
Group Role: Mother figure, Healer


The second oldest and the unofficial second-in-command. She puts everyone else first and tends to come off as naggy to the younger ones who she only seeks to protect. She may come off as being gentle, quiet and motherly but has shown her wilder side at times. (She danced under a waterfall in The Cure and in Lost and Found, she went for a crazy sled ride, disregarding what she had said before about Shaggy Mane's toy being dangerous. Also in Castle of the Ancients, after Elf Cup brought down the castle, Beauty Stem tried to be angry but was too amused to scold Elf Cup properly.) Usually, she expresses concern for the younger ones and encourages them to help each other so that they can be safe. She is all about togetherness in their group and is usually the first to be upset whenever someone insists on running off. She has a habit of babying Panther Cap which has led to Mistle Toad having to hold her back a few times so they could avoid crowding him. Beauty Stem has been sassy on occasion, usually with Shaggy Mane, Fur Foot or Earth Star. She seems to give commands to Shaggy Mane and Fur Foot easily and usually hesitates with giving commands to others. She has also shown some distaste towards Earth Star's advances. She sings and takes a special interest in the art of healing later in the series. Her special item is 'shine', which is firefly light she originally collected to keep Panther Cap from feeling frightened about being out in the dark. It has been useful on many occasions. It's also hinted several times that it's not just a source of light but also a source of heat. (Which Beauty Stem has also used to her advantage in the past.)