Earth Star

"If they can't go, it wouldn't be right if I did."

First Appearance: The Giver of Names
Last Appearance: Journey's End
Tool: Strumalong (guitar)


He was born a season before the Toad Patrol. Initially he comes off as being a very optimistic, friendly, easy-going and somewhat flirty wandering minstrel but as his character is explored, it is found out that he was once a Toadstool and harbours paranoias and fears surrounding that. However, despite his fears, it has been noted that he's the only one to ever change back on his own and Mistle Toad has been trying to figure out why. After telling them the story of why he's wandering the forest alone, he tries to avoid talking about himself a lot from that point and will usually put the problems of others before his own. Panther Cap finally exposed him for his fears and helped him overcome it in The Fairy Ring. The only other ones who ever found out about it were Elf Cup, Fur Foot, Penny Bun and Puff Ball. (After Earth Star's first and only noted emotional outburst. Personal emotion, at least.) His special item is his 'strumalong', a wooden banjo. He's shown to be quite the musician, not just playing random music but also being able to read and interpret it onto other instruments that aren't his banjo. He's also been shown to be able to improvise songs on the spot, having once sung a song to irritate a predator to buy his friends some time to get away (and also improvising the instrumental to Dream a Dream as Beauty Stem sang it). Naturally, because he's musically inclined, he forms a bond with Elf Cup and takes a special shine to Beauty Stem (who also sings). He also has history with Mistle Toad - which he mentions right from the get-go - obviously having some kind of knowledge that Mistle Toad had met them prior to him. His relationship with Mistle Toad is rather informal and he seems to have some knowledge of him being a trouble maker, occasionally making fun of Mistle Toad whenever he gets himself into a mess (mainly in The Stay Away Place). He's rather well-known in parts of the Forest because of his wandering and his music. Because of this, he has been able to use his connections to help out the Toad Patrol on occasion. Despite never officially joining their group, he seems to care about them a lot and has proven to be influential to some of the members. (Particularly Beauty Stem, Shaggy Mane and Elf Cup.)