Elf Cup

"Let's have some fun!"

First Appearance: One For All
Last Appearance: Journey's End
Age: Third-oldest
Tool: Tooter (Penny whistle)
Group Role: Musician


She's the third oldest but could hardly be considered the third in command. She is wild, loud and stubborn. And surprisingly, she shares a strikingly similar personality to Fur Foot. This leads to their first disagreement about who should be leader but after that little tussle was sorted out, she became much kinder to Fur Foot, often splitting off with him whenever he demanded she do so. (Particularly in The Fire, The Cure and the majority of second season.) However, unlike Fur Foot, she is much more playful, cheerful and optimistic. She has occasionally brought out his fun side as well as given him sympathy and encouragement whenever he felt like a failure but still, he doesn't always agree with her wild streak. So she finds ways to work around it! (She became especially sympathetic to him after the events of Winter Woes, even displaying some of his sillier mannerisms to humour him.) She plays an instrument called a tooter which was given to her by a Tunnel Toad. At first, she wasn't very good but Earth Star encouraged her to keep playing and soon, she was making better music. Naturally, because they both play music, Elf Cup was very taken with Earth Star from their very first meeting, having tried several times to advance. However, she hasn't been very successful in her attempts because of her commitment to the group's mission as well as his open crushing on Beauty Stem. Despite wearing a pink dress and a flower in her hair, she is completely anti-girly and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. In fact, it's a job in itself trying to keep her from jumping into the mud.