Fur Foot

"Hop to it!"

First Appearance: One For All
Last Appearance: Journey's End
Age: Oldest
Tool: Hook (cougar claw)
Group Role: Leader


The leader of the Toad Patrol and also the oldest. (He originally tried to justify being the leader just because he happens to be the oldest of the group.) At first glance, he may seem like a stereotypical leader... demanding, setting the rules and getting everyone from point A to point B but has proven himself to be much more than just that. He is witty, humble and kind. He is able to form quick plans whenever the Toad Patrol might need them, occasionally being a bit of a daredevil about it. He is a tad quick tempered and doesn't like to have his authority challenged. There are even times he will even be down-right bossy... but for all of his flaws, he has shown responsibility in accepting his mistakes and trying to fix them. He realizes when he fails and always tries to make good on every little bit he owes. He is protective, particularly of Slippery Jack and Oyster. He is also particularly talented with his special item; a hook given to him by Mistle Toad. (It's really a cougar claw.) He has used it to latch onto and break things, get around and even as a boomerang! There are times when he will mix-match the group's items and talents. The most common case is using his hook with Shaggy Mane's coil to get at places that may be out of reach.