Mistle Toad

"Mighty thunder!"

First Appearance: One For All
Last Appearance: Journey's End
Tool: Staff


He is a mysterious old toad who assists and befriends the Toad Patrol very early on. Surprisingly little is known about him other than he is well known and is labeled a trouble-maker by all. It's been rare that the Toad Patrol came across someone who spoke well of Mistle Toad aside from Earth Star but even Earth Star has hesitated to help him in the past. (The Stay Away Place and Choices.) Mistle Toad and Outsider - despite her pushing him away - seem to have an understanding of each other and arguably, even share feelings for each other. He is shown to have some telepathic abilities, having called Panther Cap and the rest of the Toad Patrol out of Toad Hollow and having been able to communicate with Panther Cap even when both are silent (in Invasion, Panther Cap knew to bring down the walls even though Mistle Toad hadn't said anything). Mistle Toad has also been able to gauge Panther Cap's emotions the best and knows when to give him space, sometimes having to stop others from crowding him (particularly Beauty Stem). Despite what has been shown, the extent of Mistle Toad's powers are not yet known.