"You don't know what it's like..."

First Appearance: One For All
Last Appearance: Journey's End
Age: Second-youngest
Tool: See-all (telescope)
Group Role: Lookout


Second youngest along with her twin, Slippery Jack, she is the hidden gem of her group. She is active, witty and a trial-and-error type learner. Thankfully, this has led to her learning from the mistakes of others and her rarely being in trouble (or a source of it). Through a simple test, she was able to make the 'see-all' (her telescope) and in many situations, she's usually first to offer her help or realize a couple of possibilities to solving the problem. (She has also been shown to be good at strategizing in board games when she was playing with Puff Ball in The Lost Symphony.) She is sometimes a little insecure and will get irritated whenever her intelligence is questioned or her age used against her. (In Choices, after wanting to help out in Slippery Jack's and then Shaggy Mane's place, she was turned down rudely because of her age and got into a fight. Not much later, she developed a plan and was turned down again because it was too dangerous. Afterwards, she broke down and confessed to Panther Cap that she isn't special like the others. She doesn't have a special gift and isn't smart like Slippery Jack or strong like Puff Ball. Beauty Stem is a healer and a singer and Panther Cap can talk to the Thunder Trees. When Panther Cap tried to reason that she made the see-all, she put it around his neck and said, "Yes, but anyone can use it," before walking away.) She seems to get along well with Puff Ball, despite occasionally being irritated by his attitude. She also gets along very well with Elf Cup since they share a similar energy (and occasionally, logic).