Panther Cap

"Please? Talk to me."

First Appearance: One For All
Last Appearance: Journey's End
Age: Youngest
Tool: Pointer
Group Role: Telepath


He's the youngest member of the Toad Patrol. From the start of the series, he is granted a gift... the ability to hear the Thunder Trees, which Mistle Toad said would lead them to Toad Hollow. Panther Cap is afraid of the voices at first but then becomes more used to them as time goes on. He also begins to show annoyance of the voices in second season... as well as a fear of losing them for good (Castaway and The Sacrifice). It is also discovered that there is further potential to his powers but the extent of how powerful he might be is not yet known. Mistle Toad, however, seems to have a bit of an understanding of his powers and tries to guide him in the right direction. He's arguably the main character even though he rarely speaks. Panther Cap is initially very shy and easily frightened but becomes more assertive, outspoken and even witty in the second season. It is also discovered that he also has quite a bit of imagination. (In Good Day - after finding his friends - he told them he left the Toad Tunnel because there was a giant monster with horns and of his adventures with his new friend, Artie.) Overall, Panther Cap tends to be mild mannered most of the time - even soft spoken when he's upset, expressing concern or annoyed. The only time he tends to raise his voice is when he's frightened or angry. (And when showing concern/needing something on someone else's behalf, he can also not just stutter but rearrange the whole sentence to not make sense as he did in Choices.) He strives to be honest, even getting on Shaggy Mane's case when he even so much as implies lying to the others. However, there are also times when he will take the blame for Shaggy Mane's trouble-making, knowing that he won't be punished as hard because of Beauty Stem's babying habit. It's also to be noted that he is extremely affectionate and has shown Beauty Stem, Elf Cup, Oyster, Shaggy Mane, Mistle Toad and even Earth Star that he cares about them deeply. (He hasn't hesitated to introduce Beauty Stem as his sister and express his fears to her. He also expressed similar things towards Elf Cup when Beauty Stem wasn't around. Earth Star, he tried talking into going to Toad Hollow because if those were his friends who became Toadstools, they would want to know he's safe and happy.) Panther Cap, because of his supposed quiet nature has also become somewhat of a confidant to other characters... including Oyster, Earth Star and even Erebus. (In Trapped, Erebus told Panther Cap that he does what he does because he's a snake and was hurt by Panther Cap's avoidance of a proper conversation.) His special item is his 'pointer', which was an acorn given to him by a Thunder Tree. (After Elf Cup yelled at it.)