Puff Ball

"Up the hill, down the hill. It never ends."

First Appearance: One For All
Last Appearance: Journey's End
Age: Fifth-oldest
Tool: Thunder Stick (hammer)
Group Role: The Muscle


The fifth oldest and third in command (even though he is not fit to be leader due to hating the concept of decision-making). He will easily come off as being pessimistic, sarcastic and easily irritable but it's a rare occasion that Puff Ball will even so much as raise his voice. Puff Ball prefers to be calm and collected as opposed to blindly angry or wild. While he doesn't come off as being very close to the others, he tends to have a quiet understanding and at times, others won't even have to say anything before he will know what they're thinking. (This happens particularly with Shaggy Mane. On several occasions, they've only looked at each other and understood what the other was thinking, temporarily gone off together or allowed themselves to be left behind briefly while coming to a conclusion. Three notable instances where this has happened would be The Cure, The Fairy Ring and Castle of the Ancients. Even when in conversation, Shaggy Mane and Puff Ball tend to be rather chummy. There has never been a point where Puff Ball has shown Shaggy Mane any ill will despite their sharply contrasting personality traits.) He puts family first and would sacrifice himself to protect the Toad Patrol, having risked drowning himself if it meant freeing the others in the past. He even risked his life to protect someone he didn't know well in Choices. However, despite his selflessness, he never took much of a shine to Earth Star and will occasionally tease Elf Cup about liking him, down-right put Earth Star on the spot or make him look bad. (In Invasion, at the end of the episode, Puff Ball openly implied that Earth Star had been advancing on Beauty Stem's friend - Penny Bun - in Toad Hollow to get him into trouble with the girls.) He also develops a strong respect for Mistle Toad, acting somewhat brotherly in the way he teases him. (It can also be noted that the only episode where Puff Ball gets very mad is when he finds out that despite their best efforts, it may be too late for Mistle Toad.) He is reliable and strong despite being the heaviest member of the group. His special item is his Thunder Stick, which he obtained from a beaver's dam. (Interestingly enough to note, in the second season, when Fur Foot and Elf Cup try to take a piece of wood from a beaver's dam, the beaver ends up telling them off. Perhaps this beaver was the one who had his dam destroyed in The Fire.) He is the only member of his group to have a special quote which he became fond of using in second season (despite having said it once in the first). "Up the hill, down the hill. It never ends." This, of course, is a reference to how lazy he wishes he could be.