Shaggy Mane

"I made that up!"

First Appearance: One For All
Last Appearance: Journey's End
Age: Fourth-oldest
Tool: Coil (rope)
Group Role: "Giver of Names"


The fourth oldest of the crew. Occasionally others have wondered if his head is screwed on correctly. He comes off as being airy, naive and having his head in the clouds but surprises the others when he shares words of wisdom. Earth Star first noticed his potential when he started naming the objects around them so the group could communicate. Although more often than not, his airy personality ends up getting the group into trouble... still, they appreciate his good intentions and get worried whenever he goes missing. Shaggy Mane is playful but there are times he becomes quiet and contemplative. He quickly develops a knack for free-verse poetry and starts off by making several short poems. Over time, his abilities developed and he started using poetry to solve riddles and to make fun of Panther Cap. His special item is coil which is a vine he tore when he was chasing after Elf Cup. He has shown great potential with it since he has good aim and a strong arm. He eventually develops a very deep friendship with Slippery Jack, realizing that Slippery Jack's logical thinking helps balance his airy and artistic mindset. He acts very brotherly towards Panther Cap but not so much towards the twins, since he will go out of his way to tease Panther Cap (using his poetry) as well as praise him but usually won't bother with Oyster or Slippery Jack. When/If he decides to tease Oyster and/or Slippery Jack, he usually tests their logic for the giggles. He is shown to be wild sometimes but actually lacks confidence. (This is best shown in The Giver of Names, Lost and Found and The Lost Symphony. In The Giver of Names, Shaggy Mane ran away because he thought he was a burden to their group. In Lost and Found, Shaggy Mane voiced that he would get into a lot of trouble a few times and seemed bent on teasing/testing Panther Cap's current potential. In The Lost Symphony, the group was splitting and someone had to stay behind, Shaggy Mane said, "I'll stay. You don't really need me.")