Slippery Jack

"I just hope I don't go first."

First Appearance: One For All
Last Appearance: Journey's End
Age: Second-youngest
Tool: Pathfinds (maps)
Group Role: The Brains


Second youngest along with his twin, Oyster, Slippery Jack has been labeled an Academic prodigy in his little group of friends. He is well-spoken, honest and generally kind unless given a reason not to be. However, with all that he can be praised for, he is also extremely naive leading him to being easily fooled into little traps set by his twin sister. He is also extremely Claustrophobic (which made itself apparent in The Healer, when he thought he and a few other group members were trapped in the Toad Tunnel - this may be based on events that took place in The Temple of Bufonidae). It took him a long time to realize that his logic coupled with Shaggy Mane's airy imagination is a powerful force. There were times even after they became friends that he would try to do Shaggy's job instead, showing he has a bit of an imagination which doesn't surface often. He could probably be the definition of trying too hard when he becomes stumped by simpler problem solving (Scooped) but when the problem is complex, count on Slippery Jack to whip up a plan right away. Oh, and be sure to remind him to think the plan all the way through... because SJ has a habit of not looking at what might happen once the initial plan succeeds. (And this has lead to potentially dangerous outcomes.) Also don't call him SJ or else he'll get annoyed. He and Oyster together are sometimes referred to as 'The Twins'... which annoys him just as much. (Puff Ball has used this against him on occasion. Beauty Stem has also used 'twins' to get Slippery Jack and Oyster to behave.) His special item is a 'pathfind', which is a piece of tree bark (used as paper) and a piece of charcoal (used as a pen). He uses it to map and create his plans.