Season One

One For All

The toadlets learn of the journey they must take to reach the Fairy Ring, and the Toad Patrol is formed.

The Giver of Names

Shaggy Mane's antics slow the group, but when he runs away, he learns just how important he is to them, and they to him.

The Fire

Separated by a forest fire, the Toad Patrol pull together with the help of some friends to escape the flames.

The Crystal Caverns

The toadlets discover a cavern, formerly occupied by the ancients, that contains some strange, mood-altering crystals.


Oyster and Slippery Jack are taken by a human kid to his camper, while the rest of the toadlets embark on a search for them.

The Stay Away Place

The toadlets, along with Earth Star, must brave a toadstool resting place to help Mistle Toad off of a cliff.

The Trojan Duck

The toadlets attempt to reason with an egotistical frog for help to gain safe passage accross the big wet.

Night Fright

Elf Cup has a harrowing experience after sneaking out at night, and has her life saved by a mystical encounter.


The toadlets, with the help of a worrisome mole, devise a plan to save Panther Cap, who is trapped by Erebus in a camp stove.

Bird's Eye View

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The Cure

Beauty Stem falls ill after drinking poisoned water, and Mistle Toad helps the toadlets to reach an Ancient healer.

The Temple of Bufonidae

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The Fairy Ring

The toadlets are in a race against time to reach the Fairy Ring before it closes, and the villans aren't letting them go easily.

Season Two

A Cry For Help

The toadlets are enjoying Toad Hollow when Panther Cap has a vision that leads the Toad Patrol back to the forest on a recue mission.

The Healer

When Panther Cap falls through the ice into a frozen pond, Beauty Stem is visited by an old friend to help save his life.

Winter Woes

When Fur Foot, Beauty Stem and Puff Ball are swept away by a blizzard, they try and rejoin the others while Elf Cup becomes makeshift leader.

The Castle of the Ancients

With help from a paranoid squirrel, the toadlets reach the mountaintop castle where Mistle Toad is trapped and try to free him.


Fur Foot, Elf Cup and Puff Ball get trapped on an island in the big wet, and get supernatural help from an unlikely source.

Lost and Found

When Shaggy Mane and Panther Cap get lost outside the castle, the Outsider shows Panther Cap how he can find the way back.


Oyster tries to solve a problem with the scratches, while Fur Foot and co. make it to Toad Hollow with the help of a frog.


Two weasels invade the Castle of the Ancients, forcing the toadlets to hide with a resident turtle, while the others return to the castle.

The Lost Symphony

Earth Star plays the Ancient's song to no avail, and the toadlets learn they must play it on other instruments as well.

Good Day

Panther Cap befriends a young goose who helps the toadlets cross the big wet, while the others learn to accept Beauty Stem's pending absence.

The Sacrifice

When a rat corners Mistle Toad's group on the edge of a cliff, Earth Star makes a deal to give himself to save the others.

The Bridge

While attempting to cross a bridge, the toadlets are cornered by Erebus, and it takes an old friend to help the out of the jam.

Journey's End

Finding their instrument broken, Fur Foot's group must rish to find a replacement before the others are endangered by playing the music alone.