Toad Patrol Videogame Feedback Round 2

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Toad Patrol Videogame Feedback Round 2

Postby Tinker Jet » Wed Jan 14, 2015 2:18 am


- Game starring the characters of the Toad Patrol (Format: Platformer)

After being separated, the Toad Patrol must reunite at the rendez-vous point, a mystical Thunder Tree. They will face obstacles like darkness, predators, human waste, and more. Use their special items and skills to get them to the rendez-vous point. After reuniting, the toadlets present pathfind pieces found throughout the levels to create a map, showing that their little adventure isn't over yet. It's up to the group to break up again to solve the bigger problem facing Toad Hollow. Select your parties carefully based on their skills and make it to victory before it's too late!

- Game starring secondary/tertiary characters - Mistle Toad, Outsider, OCs (Format: RPG)

Follow Mistle Toad on his adventure as a young toadlet. He must make it to the Fairy Ring, but he finds himself continually distracted by Ancient relics and mysterious voices in his head. Meeting The Outsider only further piques his interest in the Ancients, but due to being worlds apart, the Outsider must avoid further contact with him.
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